Everyone who knows the iconic Thorgal comics knows that they are little works of art. We know it too, so we begin our new series of Comic Book puzzles with "The Eyes of Tanatloc", which adores the 11th volume of the Thorgal comic series. The exceptional attention to detail, the beautifully detailed line and the mesmerizing gaze in the central part make it difficult to take your eyes off it. Staring for a long time evokes mixed feelings, a combination of strange unease and the presence of a hidden force. Perhaps it is Tanatloc himself who begins to look at us?

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This time we have used the cover of the 9th volume of the epic Thorgal as the model for the puzzle, in which the hero decides to take part in an archery tournament, but are you sure this story is all about the result of the tournament? Take part in an adventurous journey made up of 1,000 high-quality pieces.

Puzzle features:

An original work by the most famous Polish comic book illustrator, Grzegorz RosiƄski

1000 elements, total size after assembling: 68x48 cm

High quality realization based on the latest printing technologies

Perfect fit of the elements

Impressive, saturated colors

Resistant to bending

Refined with a canvas effect that reduces light reflection

Reputable EU puzzle manufacturer

Number of elements: 1000 pcs